Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pizza Party

For my daughters 8th birthday, she asked if she could swim with the dolphins at Sea Life Park instead of having a big party with friends.  She got her wish and I was the lucky parent who got to escort her in the water tank and take a dolphin ride myself!   One of the coolest things ever!  So glad I got to share that memory with my daughter.


So the story behind her cake:

My daughter would have been fine celebrating her birthday with no cake . . . . . but I wouldn't be!  We told her we would just have a birthday dinner at her favorite pizza place with a close family of ours.  I secretly made this 12" round white cake and decorated it to look like a pizza.  Strawberry pie filling made great sauce.  I froze a bag of butter cream and shredded it for the cheese.  The black olives and the crust were made out of fondant. She was totally surprised, and so were the other pizza patrons at the restaurant, us bringing in our own pizza!

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