Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Superman Cake

I did this cake for a little boy who loves Superman.  There are a lot of superheros out there, but all this little boy asked for his birthday was a Superman cake.  His poor Mom was a little frantic when she found out Superman is not the "in" superhero.  These days it's Captain America or Spiderman.  She had to go to several stores to find this action figure.  I think it looks great on top of this 6" cake with light blue butter cream frosting.  I used fondant for the city skyline.  I put Superman on two wooden pegs so it looks like he's hovering over the clouds instead of in them. 

Ukulele Cake

I've wanted to do an ukulele cake now for awhile and I finally got the chance a few weeks ago.  I made a 6" square chocolate cake with Oreo cream filling.  Fondant frosting made the ukulele shine.  The neck of the ukulele is cardboard covered in fondant.  Spaghetti noodles worked great as strings.  A little bit of graham crackers and 3 gum paste Plumeria flowers made the cake look tropical.   

Friday, November 4, 2011

How to do a cupcake rose with tip # 61

The Joint Spouse Conference was so much fun!  Thanks to all my friends who supported me, especially Michelle.  I could not have put this class together without you guys.

This is another rose I demonstrated in class at the Joint Spouse Conference.  Hope this video will help you guys to be creative in the kitchen! 

How to do a cupcake rose with tip # 104

This is one of the roses I demonstrated in my class at the Joint Spouse Conference.  I had so much fun and I hope that everyone else did too.  Hope this video will help you guys continue to work on your piping skills.