Friday, May 20, 2011

Sea Turtle Cake

What a great theme for a nursery and baby shower when you're in Hawaii!  I used a large soccer ball cake pan for the shell and half of a 9" round cake pan for the head and fins.  Easy decorating with butter cream icing and chocolate accent pieces.  Crushed graham crackers for sand and chocolate sea shells made a nice finish.  The cake was used for the center piece of the baby shower. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Aloha Shirt Cake

I had an opportunity to make an aloha shirt cake for a surprise 50th birthday luau.  The cake was a shaped 1/2 sheet cake with fondant.  The wife wanted a tropical theme, but also to make it personal.   The palm trees gave it a tropical look and the spades with "lucky 13" was a inside joke for the birthday boy.  I loved that the cake didn't scream birthday.  The only way you could tell was the name and age on the shirt's tag.  The crushed graham crackers and chocolate sea shells made it a perfect centerpiece for his Luau.

Birds Nest Cake

I had an extra 6" round lemon cake and wasn't sure how to decorate it.  Because it was Easter time, I choose a nest with robins eggs.  The eggs are cake pops.  The frosting is chocolate butter cream.  My family was invited to an Easter dinner and this was a great gift for the family that they could enjoy. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skateboard Cake

The actual skateboard
Having two little girls, I always jump at the chance to make a boys cake.  You can't get more boyish than a skateboard with a skull and snake!  My friend dropped off her sons skateboard so I could copy his board design for the cake.  Butter cream covered donuts made perfect wheels and I just used a little fondant with silver paint for the hardware.  The cake itself was a 9x13" and one 8" round shaped lemon cake with butter cream icing.  I was afraid I made the cake a little too lemony.  For me, it tasted like a Lemon Head candy, but the kids loved it.  I've had Moms give me complements on my cakes, but it's a thrill when the kids come up to me saying that was the coolest cake ever and how they want me to make their birthday cake.