Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skateboard Cake

The actual skateboard
Having two little girls, I always jump at the chance to make a boys cake.  You can't get more boyish than a skateboard with a skull and snake!  My friend dropped off her sons skateboard so I could copy his board design for the cake.  Butter cream covered donuts made perfect wheels and I just used a little fondant with silver paint for the hardware.  The cake itself was a 9x13" and one 8" round shaped lemon cake with butter cream icing.  I was afraid I made the cake a little too lemony.  For me, it tasted like a Lemon Head candy, but the kids loved it.  I've had Moms give me complements on my cakes, but it's a thrill when the kids come up to me saying that was the coolest cake ever and how they want me to make their birthday cake.