Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Superman Cake

I did this cake for a little boy who loves Superman.  There are a lot of superheros out there, but all this little boy asked for his birthday was a Superman cake.  His poor Mom was a little frantic when she found out Superman is not the "in" superhero.  These days it's Captain America or Spiderman.  She had to go to several stores to find this action figure.  I think it looks great on top of this 6" cake with light blue butter cream frosting.  I used fondant for the city skyline.  I put Superman on two wooden pegs so it looks like he's hovering over the clouds instead of in them. 

Ukulele Cake

I've wanted to do an ukulele cake now for awhile and I finally got the chance a few weeks ago.  I made a 6" square chocolate cake with Oreo cream filling.  Fondant frosting made the ukulele shine.  The neck of the ukulele is cardboard covered in fondant.  Spaghetti noodles worked great as strings.  A little bit of graham crackers and 3 gum paste Plumeria flowers made the cake look tropical.   

Friday, November 4, 2011

How to do a cupcake rose with tip # 61

The Joint Spouse Conference was so much fun!  Thanks to all my friends who supported me, especially Michelle.  I could not have put this class together without you guys.

This is another rose I demonstrated in class at the Joint Spouse Conference.  Hope this video will help you guys to be creative in the kitchen! 

How to do a cupcake rose with tip # 104

This is one of the roses I demonstrated in my class at the Joint Spouse Conference.  I had so much fun and I hope that everyone else did too.  Hope this video will help you guys continue to work on your piping skills.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This is one of my favorite cakes that I have done!!!  I had so much fun making it!  This birthday cake was for a teenager turning 14.  She had her birthday party at a Mexican restaurant.  I used an 8" round yellow vanilla cake that I just cut in half and covered in fondant.  All the toppings are fondant.   Lots of fun!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creepy Crawly Bugs!

Our church had a picnic and I thought these cupcakes were very appropriate for the occasion!  I made peach cupcakes with a yummy peachy cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting.  I made the bugs out of M&M's and black frosting.  The kids loved them!  Especially the little boys, they went straight for the spiders. 

Golf Cupcakes

I actually made these cupcakes for a church potluck, not Fathers Day.  I love the idea of cupcakes decorated more like a cake, so I thought I'd try my hand on a golf course cake.  I'm also experimenting on fillings with more of a local flavor, so I made chocolate cupcakes with a Hopia (coconut) filling.  I used my butter cream for the frosting.  My husband says that I don't have the Hopia quite right.  That I should make another batch.  But he had no problem scarfing down two of them and going back for a third (there was none left).   I'd have to agree with my taste tester.  Another batch it is!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Cake

When my husband's birthday rolls around he knows he's getting his favorite cake (well one of his favorites, he has several).  He has no say in how I decorate it but he doesn't really care as long as it's a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling.  This year, I used chocolate butter cream and fondant as a frosting.  I was hoping to practice my zig zag piping technique on this cake, but I had a severe migraine that night and just wanted to finish.  The design is not what I had in mind, but I was able to do it in five minutes.  My husband, to be honest, doesn't care about the look, just the taste.  I had extra batter from the 6" cake, so I made cupcakes with chocolate butter cream for a church function.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Narnia Cake

I had the opportunity to do a Narnia cake for a birthday recently.  I had to Google Narnia for some ideas because it has been 20 some years since I've read the book and I've never seen the movie.  The Mom saw the Wizard of Oz cake I did and thought that would be a great look for her cake.  The street light at the bottom of the cake started the winding path that lead to the white castle on top.  I used an 8" and a 6" round cake and carved a path into it and used some scrap pieces to put together the castle.  I made the street light out of a wooden dowel, fondant, and yellow candy.  I had to make the street light and a few other decorations twice, the humidity that week was horrible and it did a number on my fondant and butter cream work.   The Mom supplied the figurines.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Panda Cupcakes

I made these cute little panda cupcakes for my church potluck.  This past week was VBS and the theme for this year was Pandamania:  Where God is Wild About You!  There were pandas and bamboo everywhere!  I made a simple yellow cake with butter cream frosting.  Junior Mints made perfect panda ears. 

Red Flower Cupcakes

I was so honored to be asked to make the dessert for the Wet Hens 50th Reunion.  Wet Hens is a sailing club at Hickam Air Force Base that teaches wives how to sail.  The dinner was held at the Hickam Officers Club.  One of the Wet Hens made the cute cupcake wrappers with the clubs logo.  I made red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting.  A simple red flower decorated the top.   The staff at the O'Club did a wonderful job arranging the cupcakes on the table. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBQ Hamburger Cupcakes

I love making these cupcakes for BBQ's.  I made 100 of them once for a SAMS (military school) BBQ and I still never tire of them!  The cookie hamburger topping is always the first thing people go for.  I love watching the kids eat the topping like a real hamburger.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spy Cake

I had the opportunity to make a little boys spy birthday cake.  The theme for his birthday party was Special Agent 007 (since he was turning 7).  The birthday boy wanted a white cake with red and blue sprinkles.  I made a 9x13 cake with butter cream icing.  Simple decorations with butter cream pipping.  I made the magnifying glass out of sugar and fondant. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peace Birthday Cake

This was a really fun one to do.  The Birthday girl, a good friend of ours, wanted to not only design her own birthday cake, but help make it.  She made the chocolate accent pieces on the cake and helped with the frosting.  The 10" round yellow cake was plenty to feed the birthday group.  The cake was a little tricky to frost with the butter cream on the inside, and I ended up using a butter knife.   I brought three sparkly gel icing pens to the party and the kids had fun decorating the cake board.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peace Cake

This was a birthday cake for a 15 year old girl.  A simple 6" square vanilla cake with butter cream frosting and fondant peace signs and daisies.  I had extra daisies, so I used them for decoration on cupcakes that I took to a church outing. 

Easter Basket Cupcakes

I found these cute little cupcake wrappers for Easter.  I didn't have a special occasion to use them, so I just made them for a church potluck.  The kids loved them!  They were saving the wrappers after they ate the cupcakes.  I believe I got the wrappers at Target.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Polka Dot Lady Bug Cake

I think it's a big honor to do a baby's first birthday cake.   The Mom had black, red, and white polka dots everywhere for decoration.  Lady Bugs decorated the table and the birthday girl was dressed up as a Lady Bug!   I made an 8" square chocolate cake and a 6" square vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.  The lady bug on top was made out of rice crispy treats and fondant.  I also added a surprise for the birthday girl, her very own lady bug cupcake. 

Apple Cupcakes

My friend needed cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Week at school.  Cupcakes that look like apples were a great treat for the teachers.  I made chocolate cupcakes with red butter cream and simply used pretzel stick as the stem.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome Home Cake

My Husband returned home from a 4 month deployment.  He was stationed literally on the other side of the world.  It took him over 40 hours of traveling to get back home.  I thought a globe cake, with a plane flying around it, was fitting.  I had less than an hour to bake and decorate the cake (you can see some of the frosting melting off).  He said after eating frozen boxed cakes at the chow hall, he was looking forward to one of my, made from scratch, fresh cakes.  A little to fresh and out of the oven though.  Hard to decorate a warm cake, but boy was it good!!!!