Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Colonel Cake

Being promoted to Colonel (full bird colonel) is a very big deal, so I was honored to make a colonel rank cake for her promotion party. Pink was the way to go! A very BIG 1/2 sheet chocolate cake shaped as a colonel rank. Not only was it big, it was heavy!


  1. I am interested in making a cake like this. I have searched and searched the internet and finally found you!! Can you please tell how you made this cake?? Thanks so much!

  2. So sorry I didn't reply sonner. Hadn't checked my blog in awhile; very busy fall and winter.

    For the cake: I made a 12x18 sheet cake. Then I found a sketch of the col pin online and blew-up the image to the size I needed. I cut and pieced the cake together. The client wanted pink, so I made all the shadows a darker pink. I used pink fondant for the arrows.

    Hopefully this reply is not to late.