Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

My 2nd graders teacher loves Mickey Mouse.  So for her birthday we surprised her during class with these cupcakes.  So simple to make.  After making a yellow cupcake and frosting them with yellow butter cream, I topped each one with a chocolate that I piped into shape and let hardened.  Fast, easy, and very cute!


  1. i googled narnia cakes and saw the one you did last year. love it and wish you were in MS to have you make one for my daughter's bday next month :) do you know where the mom found the figurines to go on top? thanks! ~rebecca~

  2. Hey Rebecca,
    I made the cake for a friend of mine. She bought them off the internet somewhere and to get all of them she had to buy several duplicates. She is willing to sell some of her duplicates (not sure what she has), so if you want to email me at: with your email, I will be glad to pass it on.
    Kim Gordon