Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gabriel Iglesias's Cake

I'm a big fan of Gabriel Inglesias (Fluffy)!  When I heard he was doing a free concert for the troops and their family at Pearl Harbor, I could hardly contain myself.  I remember hearing him on XM radio years ago thinking this guy is going to be big!  He was on "The Last Comic Standing" and has had several Comedy Central special with another one on the way.  His shows are always sold out.  Enough about Fluffy, let's get to the cake:

I decided to make a chocolate cake for Fluffy (he did a comedy bit once about cakes and ever sense then, fans give him cakes at his shows), but not just any cake, a TACO CAKE!!!

We got there 2 1/2 hours early to get a good seat, but there was already about a thousand people there.  When I asked security if it would be possible to give Fluffy a cake, they replied "Just drop it off with the rest at the front gate".   I wasn't the only one who had this idea to bring a cake to Fluffy, there were four other cakes!!!  But mine was definitely the most unique (and might I add the best one there). 

When the show started, Fluffy came out on stage, and the first thing he did was thank the five people who brought cakes . . . . . . then he gave me a shout out!  He said he would like to thank the person who made the taco cake and that it looked really cool.   He even joked about it, but I couldn't hear that because I was jumping up and down screaming "That's me!  That's me!  I brought you the cake Fluffy!  I brought you the cake!"  I personally don't remember doing that, but my husband and friends were witnesses to my crazy behavior.  I was turning into "one of those fans"! 

After the show (which was AWESOME!), I went to the front to see if he was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.  Security informed me that he will take pictures with the few who were lucky enough to get back stage passes for after the show.  I told him I really wanted to meet him and thank him for the shout out on my Taco Cake.  The security guy said; "Oh, you made that cake?  Everybody back here has been admiring it.  I'm sure he'll want to meet you.  Let me talk to the lady in charge."  Well the lady in charge comes over and says;  "You're the Taco Cake lady?  I'm sure he'll want to meet you.  He thought that cake was really neat and he's a very gracious person, I'm sure he'll want to thank you.  Just hang out here until all the back stage pass holders have met him and then we'll get you in."

My husband and I waited for over thirty minutes, and finally we were escorted back to meet him.  I was so nervous, but had no reason to be.  Fluffy was so nice and down to earth.  He not only took a picture with my husband and I, he said I should go get the cake (sitting on the table with all the others back stage) and he'll get a picture of us and the cake!  Again I was jumping up and down saying "Really?  Really?  This is so cool!", but I don't remember doing that. 

It was an awesome night!  What a great experience!  I'm already planning my next cake for him when he comes back here in December! 

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